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Saturday, 23 March 2013

New Store on Teacher's Notebook and Two Great Giveaways

Ever have one of those "Why the heck didn't I do this before?" moments when you are teaching?  This year, I decided to set up a system for absent students in my classroom.  I am often too busy trying to maintain the tasks of the current day to deal with students returning to class after being ill, or returning from an extended vacation.  Often the first thing they do is ask me what they missed and how they should make up the work they didn't do while they were off school.  I have a TeacherWeb website, on which I post all homework and assignments.  I also often post extra copies of work that has been handed out in class, in case someone loses it or needs an extra.  Even doing this though, does not cover all the situations which occur in the average classroom.

Years ago, I decided to have my students each choose a "homework buddy" at the beginning of the year.  These students agree to exchange phone numbers or emails and keep each other up to date.  I found this worked for awhile, but I still found that there were missing papers, and assignments, and often the "buddy" was also absent, or did not follow their duties.  

This year, I laminated some red file folders, put a sticker on the front which says Absentee Folder and put the sheet you see below in each one.  My students still have a homework buddy, but as part of my classroom leadership team (classroom jobs) I have several students whose job it is to note when a student is absent, get a red folder and sheet, put it on the students desk, and to keep it updated throughout the day.  

When the absent student returns, they are responsible to check with their homework buddy and/or the absentee assistant.  They are to complete the work and hand it to me with the sheet by the given due dates.  The red folders are returned to the storage spot and a new sheet is put inside, leaving it ready for the next time it is needed.  I have been very happy with this system.  

How do you handle absent students?  Leave me a comment, maybe there is more I can do to streamline my system.  
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  1. Make-up work drives me crazy! I love the idea of using a red folder and having a classroom buddy keep it updated! I had 5 kiddos out yesterday so that would have been very helpful! Thanks for sharing this great idea! :)


  2. You are more than welcome. Right after Christmas I had 7 students out for over a week due to a chicken pox breakout. I was REALLY glad to have the folders (with missed work sheet inside) and students to keep them updated. It made a world of difference and every single student got caught up within a week after they returned!

  3. Getting kids caught up after an absence is always a challenge. It's a great idea to have the kids take over that role for you!


  4. Thanks Sarah. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. This time of year, there is NO time to waste. I, like many other junior teachers, am gearing up for the annual standardized testing journey. Having procedures in place that help the classroom run more smoothly (and thus help me keep my sanity) are a must!
    Happy Sunday:)

  5. I use the folders (red, just like you!) as well. For me, it all started as a need to have another leadership role in my classroom, but I love it! This takes the responsibility and craziness off me, and my students LOVE being named the Absent Folder Clerk for the quarter. It helps students to feel they are fulfilling an important role (which they are).

    1. OOOOOHHHH love the title "Absent Folder Clerk"..now why didn't I think of that! I am going to have to use that next year. This year I had to come up with 28 leadership team roles for my class, so I have 3 absentee student monitors (henceforth to be called clerks). It has worked out brilliantly. Thanks for commenting!
      Have an awesome week!

  6. Congratulations on the Teachers Notebook shop! I do better there than at the other stores I have! Good luck!

  7. Thanks Erin! I am conflicted about the whole thing. I like making FREEBIES and giving them away, but my family feels I am spending too much time not to be charging for them. We'll see how it goes!