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Friday 15 March 2013

Mean, Median, Mode and Madison

It's March break here in Ontario.  I have been working away on my laptop this week.  My wonderful daughter, Madison, has been helping me make my newest product.  It was meant to be a FREEBIE but she thinks I have put so much time and effort into it that I should sell it on TPT.  So I have decided that I will post a FREEBIE and the whole package on my teacher store at TPT.  

Measures of Central Tendency are math concepts that many junior level students seem to have difficulty mastering.  A measure of central tendency is a measure that tells us where the middle of a set of data lies.  The three most common measures of central tendency are the mean, the median, and the mode.  Range is usually included in the teaching of measures of central tendency. The range tells you something about how spread out the data are. Data with large ranges tend to be more spread out.

Madison helped me when I was putting together this package for student use.  Included is the super cute poem in the image at the top of this post, as well as a song to help students memorize the difference between each measure.  Each poster has one of the terms, a definition and examples.  I have also created student question sheets for extra practice and Madison helped me make the answer sheets.  She is in grade 7 and the practice was good for her. 

You can download a FREEBIE from the package when you download the PREVIEW from TPT by clicking on the image below. 

Freebie Fridays

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  1. Very catchy! I've invited you to a few of my Pinterest boards, so watch for the invites. More soon! I like this way of helping children understand these math terms.

  2. Carolyn,
    How kind of you to visit! I know how busy you are with your own fabulous blogs. Math seems to be on my mind lately. I have another math post coming out on Monday and one ready for next Friday too! Perhaps you will find some things you can use in your own classroom. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!

  3. I'm sorry because my English is very bad. I like very much your work, so I'd like to asked you what software do you use to doing this product? If your work were in Spanish, I bought it. But I'm from Spain and I can't use in my classroom.
    I hope you can help me. Thank you. Bye.

  4. I'm an English teacher, but I must recommend this to some of my math teacher friends! great job!