“Giftedness is not what you do or how hard you work. It is who you are. You think differently. You experience life intensely. You care about injustice. You seek meaning. You appreciate and strive for the exquisite. You are painfully sensitive. You are extremely complex. You cherish integrity. Your truth-telling has gotten you in trouble. Should 98% of the population find you odd, seek the company of those who love you just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You are utterly fascinating. Trust yourself!”

Linda Silverman~Gifted Development Center Denver

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Currently...where has the time gone?

Here it is February 1st and I just cannot tell you where the past 6 months have gone.  I am loving my class and my grade this year.  So much is happening but I have not stopped to take time to blog about it.  On the first day of the month, every month my students complete their "CURRENTLY" and I post them in the hallway outside of my classroom.  I wish I was as good about posting myself!

February in Ontario is still COLD.  REALLY cold. Minus 18 with the windchill cold.  The furnace has been running pretty much non stop. Can't wait for March to arrive.  I am going south for the first time in years.  Hubby and I are heading to Cuba for March Break.  

That leads to every woman's nightmare...buying a bathing suit. I have searched high and low for something decent for a woman of my age to wear at the resort.  So far?  NADA, ZIP, ZILCH. Suggestions anyone?

On the plus side I DO have my report cards finished.  As in done, proofread, printed, signed by principal done!  All that I need to do now is photocopy and put them in envelopes.  They don't go home til the 11th though.  What can I say?  I don't like to procrastinate!

Well, it is Sunday morning, I do need coffee and I am going to have the eggs benedict, which means one thing....I need to get this posted, get dressed and get going!  

Have a great February everyone.  I am doing an awesome activity with my class for Valentine's Day and for Lunar New Year.  I will try to update you all before the March Currently rolls around!

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