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Friday, 15 February 2013

Awesome FREEBIES from a great TPT seller

I have been meaning to write about this fantastic teacher who creates great posters and other teaching materials and sells them on TPT.  Her name is Valerie King and I LOVE her products.  You can visit her store HERE.

This past week the students in my class completed Valerie's Valentine posters.  I love that they are open ended and encourage the students to express themselves creatively.

I first used Valerie's posters for the New Year.  The students used her creations to draw, make lists, and set goals for themselves.  The final products the students created were excellent.  

Adding inexpensive clipboards to a bulletin board makes changing the materials fun and easy.  I often allow the students to choose what they want to put on the board.

Below you can see my favourite bulletin board.  I got this idea from Pinterest and I LOVE it.  Using the clip boards makes changing up the work frequently easy, fast and efficient.  If you have not tried this on one of your boards, I highly recommend it!


  1. I love the clipboard idea. How did you get them to hang on the wall with nails?

  2. The clipboards are actually just attached to the bulletin board (cork backing) with a clear push pin. I hang each clipboard from a push pin. The standard sized bulletin board I used will hold 21 clipboards. I actually have 28 students so I have to post extra work off to one side without a clipboard, as I would have to hang the boards on cement walls. I actually could do this though. On another wall you cannot see in the picture, I used 3 "Contact" brand hooks and hung 3 small black boards (which I put quotes on each week). Maybe next year I will add 7 more clipboards to the side of my bulletin board using the "Contact" hooks.
    Thanks for the comment. I hope you are enjoying your long Family Day weekend!

  3. I LOVE THEM! Your students did a FABULOUS job! And thank you so much for sharing my work and saying such nice things! THANK YOU. I made a St. Patrick's Day Poster!! It's in my shop...I am still thinking about that PI day one! LOL Thanks again. :)

  4. They came out great and look nice on your clipboards...nice idea!

  5. Thanks Loreen! The clipboard idea was not mine, just one of the many things I have seen on Pinterest which I have replicated in my classroom this year. I think the sharing going on between teachers on Pinterest, Blogger, and TPT is awesome...it's like PD from your own computer...even sitting on the couch like I am now, watching 60 Minutes!