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Friday, 17 August 2012

Back to School Question Activity Using Post-Its

I have seen several versions of this first day activity on teacher blogs such as Mrs.Robinson's Classroom Blog and Pinterest.  Each of the examples I have seen have featured teachers writing out the questions on chart paper.
Mrs.Robinson's Blog

 Students then use Post-Its to write their answers and place their replies on each sheet under the appropriate question.  I think this is a great idea to build rapport and get to know more about the students in your class.  I decided that this is one of the things I am going to do this year, BUT I hate writing out headings on chart paper...I have OK printing but really it does not look as professional as I would like.

So...I made a list of the questions on ...wait for it...POLKA DOT frames!  I know, I know...but I like them and this is kind of the theme I am going to go with this year.

I plan to print these on card stock, laminate them and use them year after year...I left the grade level blank on the black frame so you can enter the grade you are teaching...or change it when your grade assignment changes.  If you think you would like to grab an UPDATED, EDITABLE copy just click on the image below.

Be sure to come back and share with me how this first day of school activity worked in your classroom!

Update:  This activity worked really well.  The students rotated around the classroom in small groups.  I used LARGE post-it paper which will stick anywhere you put it, and small coloured post-its for the students.  I had printed out the posters above and laminated them so I could use them again each year.  See some NEW photos below.

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