“Giftedness is not what you do or how hard you work. It is who you are. You think differently. You experience life intensely. You care about injustice. You seek meaning. You appreciate and strive for the exquisite. You are painfully sensitive. You are extremely complex. You cherish integrity. Your truth-telling has gotten you in trouble. Should 98% of the population find you odd, seek the company of those who love you just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You are utterly fascinating. Trust yourself!”

Linda Silverman~Gifted Development Center Denver

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I had wanted to go into school today, but the air conditioning repair guy was supposed to come...yes, you know what happened...he didn't show...sigh:(  Anyhow, I thought to myself, why don't you do some of the things you wanted to do at school here at home.  So, I started to go through all the files I needed for the beginning of the school year and printed them out.  I had just bought a $100 printer cartridge for my laser printer (OUCH!) so I went ahead and did some printing.  I have most of my new teacher binder complete, and I have a nice package of materials for students for the first couple of weeks ready to be (I know, I know...) photocopied.
While I was working away, I kept looking at my "pink slip" form I have used when homework is not completed.  Luckily, I don't have to use it very often, but when I do the kids know they are in BIG trouble with Ms. M (or so I like them to think).  The form has always been pretty simple, and I have traditionally printed it out on hot pink paper.  I knew this way the parents would see it stapled into the student's agenda/planner right away.  It has worked well for me over the past few years, BUT I wanted to do something a little different.  I looked at other teacher forms/slips for incomplete homework but none of them worked for me.  I decided to make my own.  I seem to have gravitated towards polka dots this year for my classroom and lots of black, white and red (also some Tiffany blue for me).  I made my Homework Not Completed form on a red and white polka dot paper.  

I figure I can either print it as black and white and photocopy onto the HOT PINK paper OR I can print it in colour (at school) and the red will be eye catching too.
If you would like a FREE copy of this form just click HERE and download a copy.  Let me know if it works for you, I am going to try it out starting in September.

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