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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Back to School Survival Kits

Something about going back to school puts us all in SURVIVAL mode!  I think the image pops up as MOST pinned on my Pinterest account is this one...
Photo of  Back to School Teacher Survival Kit @teachingisagift.blogspot.ca

Each year, I make back to school survival kits for my new teachers I think might need a boost and for student teachers who will be working in my room.

Photo of Back to School Teacher Survival Kit @teachingisagift.blogspot.ca

Photo of Back to School Teacher Survival Kit @teachingisagift.blogspot.ca

This year, I remade the label for the Teacher Survival Kit and have included an editable version as well.  This way, you can grab the label from my TpT store, shop for the materials listed on label pictured below, print off the label and make a great little gift for a teacher you know.  You can make a Teacher Survival Kit inside any container you like.  I keep my eyes open for things like the little paint can pictured above.  You can grab these types of things at dollar and craft stores.  I tend to keep a little stash on hand, so I am ready when I need to create one in a hurry.

Or you can use the editable label, create your own list, print it and attach it to the container of your choice.  The editable label does include a funky font embedded in the file.  Just be aware, you cannot change up the fonts like you see on the version above.

In case you haven't seen my earlier post about making survival kits, I use this nifty label making machine to print out the labels before I attach them.  I love it and I found it at my local Walmart. It's called a Xyron Create A Sticker in case you want to run out and get one.  I have used this machine to label EVERYTHING in my classroom.  

Don't want to forget my students!  I am known in my school for giving each student a Back to School Survival Kit each September. This year I have decided I will print off the cute labels I have made and place them with the necessary supplies inside a plastic reusable water bottle.  

Picture of Back to School Studet Survival Kit @teachingisagift.blogspot.ca
As the summer is coming to a close, I am going to start assembling my Back to School Student Survival kits.  You can check them out here!


  1. AHHH!! there is a machine that I can make cute labels without needing to fuss with a label page and a printer. I am ordering it this week. So excited! :)

    1. That machine is worth its weight in gold Patti! Make sure you buy some refills when you buy the machine. Totally reasonable prices too!