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Monday, 9 March 2015

Late to the party AGAIN! March Currently

Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't for Currently if I would get ANYTHING posted on my blog.  I have been super busy with a wonderful teacher candidate working in my classroom, with planning for my vacation, and with LIFE!  It amazes me how fast time flies!

Listening: Have you ever seen John Catucci?  He is a comedian/musician turned food show host.  I love watching You Gotta Eat here on the Food Network.  Last summer when we were in the Collingwood area, they were filming at one of my favourite restaurants Tony's Iron Skillet.  If you are ever in Collingwood, make sure to stop by, everything is delicious!

Loving: For the first time in THIRTEEN years I am going away for March break vacation.  I have not travelled south in over 10 years...so this should be a treat.

Thinking: Can't stop thinking about Cuba.  I have logged onto TripAdvisor more times in the past few weeks than I have to my own email.  I keep reading the reviews, seeing what the weather is like, checking out pictures of the beach and getting more and more excited!

Wanting:  When we return from March break, I will be trying to wind up the unit on Government and Citizenship my student teacher started a month ago.  I really need to find some new resources for teaching Conservation of Energy.  I have the materials I wrote myself, but I really wish someone would make something NEW which is more engaging for students at this grade level!

Needing:I have a TON of stuff to pack for my vacation and at the moment it is strewn all over my bedroom, bathroom and other surfaces throughout the house.  I even have the suitcase out, but I actually need to start putting things IN the suitcase.  Am I the only one who procrastinates about packing????

Spring Break Plans: I love my students but I am so happy we are going to a small all inclusive, adults only resort.  I just want to lie on the beach and read all day everyday!

Picture ME HERE!
Want to see what lots of other wonderful bloggers are doing for their March break?  Click on the button below to visit Farley's monthly link up.  Better late than never I say!


  1. I am also a packing procrastinator too! I go around and around about what I want to bring, and always end up packing too much! Your photo of your all-inclusive getaway resort looks fabulous! Enjoy!
    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. Jen,
      Thanks for stopping by! I really didn't expect anyone to read this...I just couldn't stand that I hadn't updated in a LONG time! I hope the place I am going is as nice as the picture looks.

  2. Have a wonderful, safe trip! Love the picture that you posted of the resort! It looks heavenly!

  3. I packed the morning we left for the wineries on Sunday and thank goodness I remembered everything. Spring break is a life saver for a teacher and I hope yours is amazing!

  4. Sidney, your vacation plans sound absolutely divine! Enjoy!
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