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Monday, 4 August 2014

Let's CHAT!

Teachingisagift Human Organ Systems Word Wall for Grade 5 Science

Teachingisagift Human Organ Systems Word Wall for Grade 5 Science

Students are expected to be able to use appropriate science and technology vocabulary and use a variety of forms (e.g., oral, written, graphic,multimedia) to communicate with different audiences and for a variety of purposes.  One way to get students reading and writing is the use of word walls.  According to the Ministry of Education for Ontario "A word wall is an ongoing, organized display of key words that provides visual reference for students throughout a unit of study or a term. These words are used continually by teachers and students during a variety of activities. Word walls serve multiple purposes.
Effective word walls: 
- support the teaching of key words and subject-specific
- promote independence in reading and writing by building vocabulary. 
- provide visual clues and reference for language learners
- help students remember connections between words and concepts. 
Building a word wall can be easily integrated into daily activities. Key words and/or terminologies that relate to the lesson or unit of study can be added gradually as they are introduced. A word wall should be organized in a way that is useful to students with additions reflecting the skills or concepts being taught. Often, word walls are organized alphabetically, with words printed on card stock, and 
taped or pinned to the wall/board. Teachers are encouraged to be creative is designing a word wall so that it engages the students and enhances their learning. "

Some possible variations: 
• Using different-coloured card stock helps to distinguish concepts/terms belonging to different units of study 
• A picture or photograph adds further clarification for visual learners or English language learners. 
• Words can be accompanied by their definitions. 
• The back of the word card can be used to display both verbal and visual word associations, graphics, definitions, and characteristics of the word. 

I am pleased to announce that I am creating word walls for all of the Ontario Curriculum Science and Technology topics. My first one is finished and posted.  Just click on the image above to purchase it.  While you are visiting my store be sure to become a follower by clicking on the FOLLOW button.  Keep your eyes open for new grades and topics coming soon!

Another way to get students communicating in math and science is by encouraging "accountable talk" or as I like to call it Math/Science Chat.  Using Math/Science Chat speech bubble starters can get your hesitant students talking about what they are learning in math. Using communication in the classroom to represent, explain, justify, agree, and disagree affects the way students learn mathematics. Math/Science Chat engages students, encourages them to learn more, and allows for the exploration of ideas, strategies, procedures, facts, and more.Encouraging the development and exchange of ideas, Math/Science Chat helps to support a social learning environment for students, creating a community which fosters encouragement, respect, and the exchange of ideas.

To accompany each word wall, I have created a Science Chat which contains the BIG IDEAS for the topic, as well as a series of essential/guiding questions.  You can use these in a variety of ways, including printing them out and creating a display or bulletin board, using them as part of your Interactive Science Notebook, or project them on your Smartboard.  

Teachingisagift Human Organ Systems Science Chat for Grade 5 Science

Teachingisagift Human Organ Systems Science Chat for Grade 5 Science

Teachingisagift Human Organ Systems Science Chat for Grade 5 Science

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Teachingisagift Math and Science Chat Bundle

Teachingisagift Science ChatTeachingisagift Math Chat

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