“Giftedness is not what you do or how hard you work. It is who you are. You think differently. You experience life intensely. You care about injustice. You seek meaning. You appreciate and strive for the exquisite. You are painfully sensitive. You are extremely complex. You cherish integrity. Your truth-telling has gotten you in trouble. Should 98% of the population find you odd, seek the company of those who love you just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You are utterly fascinating. Trust yourself!”

Linda Silverman~Gifted Development Center Denver

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Leadership Teams

Do you assign classroom jobs to your students?  Do you ever feel like you need to change them up a bit? Today I am blogging again over at A Class*y Collaboration, the collaborative blog I have started writing for.  Click on the blog button below to check out how I create leadership teams in my grade six gifted program.

Freebie Fridays

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