“Giftedness is not what you do or how hard you work. It is who you are. You think differently. You experience life intensely. You care about injustice. You seek meaning. You appreciate and strive for the exquisite. You are painfully sensitive. You are extremely complex. You cherish integrity. Your truth-telling has gotten you in trouble. Should 98% of the population find you odd, seek the company of those who love you just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You are utterly fascinating. Trust yourself!”

Linda Silverman~Gifted Development Center Denver

Friday, 11 January 2013

Linky Parties and Blog Logs

I am forever saying "there are no Canadian bloggers" but I guess I am wrong...I found a post linking me to Making It As A Middle School Teacher's Outside- the-U.S. Blogger Linky Party.  I noticed that there are several other Canadian bloggers already linked up!  This is great!  I will have to spend some time checking out all the local bloggers.

Speaking of Canadian Bloggers (also Middle school) I came across the 2 Peas and a Dog: Middle School Blog Log. It helps you find blogs related to your middle school specialty subject.  I just linked up and you should too!  Make sure you check it out!

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  1. Hey - cute blog! I am your newest Canadian blogger follower:)

    A Grade One Nut and Her Squirrelly Crew

  2. Pinetreelia,
    Glad to meet another Canadian blogger! I love your blog name...I think my crew is pretty squirrelly this year too! Hope you are having a great weekend! I am now your newest follower!

  3. Oooooh other Canadian bloggers???? I get so excited when I meet another Canadian online. Even though I live in Canada, my husband is Canadian and I see him every day! But still it's like Christmas when I meet another Canadian blogger. Thanks for giving a shout out to the blog log!